After completing their work, the SC B1 WGs publish papers in the CIGRE internal brochure named ELECTRA and, according to the volume of the document produced, as a separate Technical brochure (see the Technical brochure page) or on the web (see the other documents page).
In some cases, they could also produce papers in other conferences (see the SC library page).

This chapter is dedicated to lists of publications, not to the publications themselves which are registered under e-cigre in the main CIGRE web site, except in chapter "Other documents" where you can find publications.

A White Book register all the documents related to cable systems published by CIGRE. Go to the White Book page before downloading documents to find more information.

SC B1 information published since 1968

In addition to all of the above, the Customer Advisory Group of SC B1 has collated all of SC B1 information (Technical Brochures, Electra articles, Tutorials and Session Papers) and IEC Specifications. SC Members and Target Groups can now search on the B1 website for all CIGRE papers and IEC Specifications from 1968 to 2017 under 31 different technical headings (varying from cable testing, to environmental impact, to submarine cables, etc). This will considerably assist anyone, who is trying to find the best information available on the different aspects of High Voltage Cable Technology. This collation provides a very comprehensive reference library on High Voltage Cables. This collation is contained in the excel file below “Information from CAG”.

Information from CAG February 2018 (xls, 1MB)

Abstract of past publications

WG B1.36 June 2017

Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Impact of Underground Cable Systems (pdf, 45kB)

WG B1.47 April 2017

Implementation of Long AC HV & EHV Cable Systems (zip, 227kB)

WG B1.34 December 2016

Mechanical forces in large cross section in cable systems (pdf, 66kB)

WG B1.37 June 2016

Guide for the operation of fluid filled cable systems (pdf, 109kB)

WG B1.35 February 2016

Guide for rating calculations of HV cables (pdf, 36kB)

WG B1.43 June 2015

Recommendations for mechanical testing of submarine cables (pdf, 7kB)

WG B1.42 June 2015

Testing of Transition Joints between HVDC Cables with lapped and extruded insulation up to 500 kV (pdf, 96kB)

WG B1.40 June 2015

Off shore generation cable connections (pdf, 35kB)

WG B1.11 April 2015

Upgrading & uprating of existing cable systems (pdf, 62kB)

JWG B1/B3.33 January 2015

Feasability of a common dry type interface for GIS ans power cables of 52 kV (pdf, 5kB)