Technical Brochures

"Technical Brochures" issued by SC 21 and SC B1 can be purchased by members of CIGRE and non members.
The catalogue of Publications lists all these elements, with a short abstract and the price (see e-Cigre).

Recent publications:

On-site Partial Discharge assessment of HV and EHV cable systems - May 2018

Recommendations for additional testing for submarine cables from 6 KV (UM=7.2 KV) up to 60 KV (UM = 72.5 KV) - April 2018

Fire issues for insulated cables in air - March 2018

Long term performance of soil and backfill systems - December 2017

Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Impact of Underground Cable Systems - June 2017

Implementation of Long AC HV & EHV Cable Systems - March 2017

Mechanical forces in large cross section cables systems - December 2016

Guide for the operation of fluid filled cable systems - June 2016

Guide for rating calculations of HV cables - February 2016

Recommendations for Mechanical Testing of Submarine Cables - June 2015

Recommendations for Testing DC Transition Joints for Power Transmissionat a Rated Voltage Up To 500KV - June 2015

Off shore generation cable connections - June 2015

Upgrading and uprating of existing cable systems - April 2015

Feasibility of a common, dry type interface for GIS and Power cables of 52 kV and above - April 2015

Guideline to maintaining the Integrity of XLPE Cable Accessories - December 2013

Impact of EMF on Current Ratings and Cable Systems - December 2013

Testing of superconducting cable systems - June 2013

Cable systems electrical characteristics - April 2013

Recommandations for testing DC extruded cable systems for power transmission at a rated voltage up to 500 kV- April 2012

Recommandations for testing of long AC submarine cables for extruded insulation for system voltage above 30(36) to 500 (550) kV - February 2012

List of Technical Brochures published by SC B1 (2002-to date) (pdf, 26kB)

List of Technical brochures published by SC 21 (1969-2001) (pdf, 12 ko) (pdf, 11kB)

Technical brochures can be downloaded in electronic format, free of charge, for CIGRE Members or ordered for non CIGRE Members.
Paper Copies have always to be bought.

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