Strategic Plan

Some amendments on the Strategic Plan have been validated during the 2015 SC meeting. The new SC incoming Chairman (from August 2016) will have to prepare a new version of the Strategic Plan.

The current Stategic Plan:

Taking into account the Cigre Master plan 1999-2009, the TC Strategic Plan 1998-2008, our Strategic plan defines our mid to long term goals:
  • to contribute effectively to the progress in insulated cable systems technology,
  • to facilitate the integration of insulated cable systems in electric power networks, and in the environment, covering the complete life cycle of cables,
  • to maintain its leading position in the field of power cables by providing unbiased and neutral information on all essential cable aspects,
  • to be recognised by the Electric Power Industry as a leading and reliable partner with competence in all engineering issues related to insulated cable systems, i.e. technical, economical, and social,
  • to monitor and assess current trends in cable technology,
  • to promote advancements in cable technology.
The main factors taken into consideration in the preparation of strategic plan were:
  • The critical importance of engineering competence.
  • The operating structures of the SC (WGs and TFs) .
  • The interactions with other CIGRE SCs.
  • The evolution of the electric power industry.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Technological factors.

SC B1 Strategic Plan 2008-2018 (pdf, 357kB)