What is SC B1 ?

The SC B1 Committe of CIGRE (Insulated Cables) covers underground and submarine, AC and DC, Insulated Cable Systems !
SC B1 (formerly SC 21) was established in 1927 and celebrated its 80th anniversary during the 2007 Study Committee meeting in Osaka (Japan)!

You will find in this chapter:

  • The scope of work,
  • The present activities as defined during the SC Meetings and confirmed by the Technical Committee through the validation of the Working Body forms (see official SC documents) and the Action Plan (see Technical activities),
  • The SC B1 structure with all the Advisory and Working Groups presently at work,
  • Some official documents internal to the SC.

Administrative history (1927-2007) (pdf, 170kB)

SC B1 presentation at Jicable '11 (pdf, 646 kb) (pdf, 645kB)

Newsletter 1 (docx, 353kB)

Newsletter 2 (docx, 549kB)